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«Perfect» equation explanation for LaTeX

Explanation of the formulas in LaTeX


Package available on

Package available in Ubuntu in package texlive-science starting from version 19.4 Disco Dingo.

Package eqexpl was developed as an answer to question on StackExchange for giving the ability to make «perfect» explanation of components of a formula, not just the enumeration.

Eqexpl example


  1. The variables (left side) must be aligned right..
  2. The dash must be aligned center one under another.
  3. The explanation (right side) must be justified, the last string must be aligned left and
    • if the explanation takes more than one line, the left side of explanation must be aligned (second explanation in the example).

The package adds new environment eqexpl with a command \item with one required parameter — variable to explain. The explanation in the example above was made with the code in preamble


and in document

\item{$H_s$}significant wave height, equal to the average of the
highest 1/3 of the waves
\item{$\Delta$}relative buoyant density, equal to $\rho_r / \rho_w -
1$, where $\rho_w$ is the water density
\item{$D_{n50}$}nominal diameter defined in Equation (2)

Width of the field for explained variables could be set with optional argument, default is 10 mm


Delimiter could be set with command \eqexplSetDelim{delimiter}

Parenthesis («where») could be set with the command \eqexplSetIntro{where}, the parenthesis printed only for the first item in the explanation.

For formula variables in the explanation use usual string envirinment (dollar sign)

\item{$R_s$}total section resistance, Ohm.